Why Nubliss?

Mattress With Colling Gel

Nubliss mattress is made using NX-Gen memory foam (1.1" top layer) that is infused with made-for-India cooling gel. The cooling gel is specifically formulated for Indian weather conditions. The gel will keep your mattress cooler by 4 degree celsius on a hot summer day. Thus, keeping you comfortable throughout the night. We have designed the whole process around the convection and conduction process of heat.

101 Days Free Trial Period

Now you can buy a mattress without rushing through the process with 101 days hassle-free return policy by Nubliss. The policy enables your body to take the final call when it comes to comfort. With the delivery of the mattress at your doorsteps, the 101 days trial begins. Wake up on Nubliss for 101 days and experience the blissful comfort. If in case your body rejects the mattress for any reason, then you can easily avail no-questions-asked free return.

10-Year Warranty

Nubliss is a result of giving attention to detail and conforming to the highest quality standards. Even after this the Nubliss mattress fails, you can always opt for 10-year warranty. The warranty entitles the user to avail the best possible solution in case the mattress has a manufacturing defect. Get in touch with the support team and avail the no-questions-asked policy.

Orthopedic Mattress

Designed for every sleeping position, the Nubliss mattress offers consistent back support. The mattress helps in maintaining the natural curves of a body and shape of a spine. It maintains pressure on various vital points to relieve stress.

CertiPUR-US Certified Memory Foam

Nubliss is all about delivering the best. For Nubliss, we chose the best in line memory foam to be true to our commitment. We opted for CertiPur-US® certified memory foam. CertiPur-US® is most respected governing body that is responsible for accrediting foam. This means that :

  • Tested for performance, durability, emissions, and content
  • Analysed by approved & independent, accredited testing laboratories
  • Made without harmful chemicals such as ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, or TCEP
  • Made without carcinogenic such as mercury, lead, and other heavy metals
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for improved indoor air quality
  • Manufactured without chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

OKEO-TEX Certified Outer Cover

To keep bacteria, germs, and related at bay, we use fabric that meets STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. The outer cover fabric is capable of wicking sweat as well as channelise proper flow of air throughout the night.

Hypoallergic and Anti-dust Mite Mattress

In recent studies, it has been proven that mattresses tend to retain bacteria or dust particles that can provoke allergic reaction in the long run. With anti-germ treatment, the Nubliss mattress acts like a physical barrier against allergens, dust mites, stains, moisture, mold, and mildew.

Mattress in Box

With assistance from European sleep and health experts, we created a mattress that is technologically two generations ahead. The mattress is packed using world’s most advanced vacuum packing machine to fit a huge mattress in a small box.

Soft and Firm Mattress

Nubliss offers heavenly comfort on the top as well as on the reversed side. Reversed side of the mattress features a high-performance PU foam that is extra firm. It is for people who are looking for harder sleeping surfaces.

No Sagging Technology

Bid farewell to the days of sleeping in trenches or rolling in depressions. Nubliss has mastered the art of creating a mattress with no-sag technology.

Sizing & Pricing Info
Singe Mattress
RS: 10,499/-
Queen Mattress
RS: 17,499/-
King Mattress
RS: 19,999/-

Removable & Washable Top Cover

OEKO-TEX certified cover is designed to keep the mattress in a hygienic bubble. The cover can be easily removed with the help of butter-smooth zipper and washed in a machine.


Breathable Polyester Cover

To curb infestation of bacteria, molds, dust particles, and more, the mattress is wrapped in a breathable polyester cover. The cover cannot be removed as it seals the mattress in a protective setup.


Sculpted Memory Foam with Cooling Gel

Perforated, open-cell design of the 1.1 inch thick memory foam layer helps in dissipation of body heat. The foam layer is infused with cooling gel that helps in keeping mattress temperature 4 degrees cooler than the body temperature. The layer has comforting bumps that are achieved by by advanced machines for best-in-line back support.


High-performance Foam

Optimum firmness in Nubliss is achieved with use of high-performance foam layer at the bottom. The layer is manufactured with best of the material and is treated with anti-germ, anti-fungal treatment to ward off infestation.


Anti-slip Bottom Fabric Layer

To stop the mattress from slipping or losing placement with body movement, the outer cover is integrated with a anti-slip layer.

Comparison Chart
 Memory FoamLatex FoamSpringCoir
Firmness Level Medium Firm Firm Medium Firm Too Firm
Proper Weight Distribution Yes Yes No No
Correct Body Alignment Yes Yes No No
Partner Disturbance No No Yes Yes
Pressure relief Yes No Yes No
Responsive surface Yes Yes No No
Sagging No Eventually Yes Yes
Flipping Required No Yes Not Possible No
Sleep tool Yes Yes Yes No
Rollled for transport Yes No No No
Adjustable Yes Yes No No
Off grassing odour No Yes No No
Hypoallergenic Yes Yes No No
Weight Light Heavy Very Heavy Very Heavy
Life Span Long Long Short Very Short
Cost Moderate Expensive Very Expensive Cheap
Mattress Reviews
Simply Awesome

Simply Awesome! The mattress feels really plush and just like claimed, it cradles your back. Overall, I am very much satisfied with the overall experience.

~Mrs. Sharmila
Absolutely a Right Product

I was surprised about the fact that such a big mattress was delivered in a small box. All my doubts related to the packaging got resolved after installation.

~Mrs. Reen
266 Review