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India's Most-Trusted

SleepTech Company

Intertwining science with sleep has lead to an innovation called 'Nubliss'. We are not 'JUST'; a company! We are the best source of more-than-awesome sleep in a box. Our aim is simple- Developing scientifically-designed products for best hours in bed and a powerful wake-up. Our products are designed for improving recovery from daily stressful activities and improving performance on various levels.

Our World-class products:

  • Nubliss is India's first mattress brand to offer memory foam mattress with 'Cooling Gel' for sweat-free, comfortable nights.
  • Ion Treatment on Nubliss mattress topper channelizes negative ions for positively charged mornings.
  • Nubliss 2in1 Pillow brings forth comfort of down-like fiber and support of perforated memory foam.

What sets us apart

For the Perfect Wake Up

Memory Foam Mattress

A perfect mattress for three 'R's most important for muscles- Recovery, Regeneration, and Relaxation. Designed by European sleep experts, the Nubliss NX Gen Memory Foam Mattress combines in-depth study of sleep patterns & body development with comfort. Open-cell structure in mattress mimics sand-displacement for proper flow of blood & joint relaxation.

  • Cooling Gel
  • Reversible
  • Optimal Firmness
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Perforated

For Positively-charged Mornings

Memory Foam Topper

Scientifically-crafted topper features wide open-cell structure memory foam for proper airflow, body-weight displacement, and enhanced comfort. Ion treatment on memory foam prepares your body to combat harm induced by pollutants & harmful elements in environment. Dedicated 7 comfort zones feature specially developed undulated surface for spa-like massage.

  • Cooling Gel
  • BreezeX
  • Ion Treatment
  • 7 Comfort Zones
  • Hypoallergenic

For Best of Both Worlds

2in1 Memory Foam Pillow

Nubliss has pulled together the science of comfort & upper-body shape with expert guidance to create a pillow that maintains natural shape of the neck, reduces stress on upper body, improves blood flow, reduces snoring, and cradles your neck, head & shoulder.

  • Variable Thickness
  • Down-like Fiber
  • Reversible
  • Perforated
  • Hypoallergenic

Our Combo Products