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About the Mattress

What constitutes a Nubliss mattress?

When it comes to a Nubliss Mattress- Less is More! Our team bounced, turned, and slept on hundreds of combination before settling for an ultimate one.

Soft Removable Cover: : Wrapped in soft cover that can be easily removed by unzipping the same.

Plush, Breathable Fabric Liner: Between foam and removable cover, we have inserted a layer of protection in the form of a fabric liner. This blocks dust from reaching the core.

Perforated Memory Foam: The NX-Gen Memory Foam that is engineered to support your body. Contoured top ensures air circulation throughout the night.

High Performance Foam Base : Open-celled Foam that supports as well as promotes air circulation. High on durability, this layer acts like an unbeatable support system of the top layer.

Anti-slip Layer: The mattress can be placed on any type of platform, all thanks to an anti-slip layer. No matter how many times your toss or jump, the mattress will not budge from its place.

How does the Mattress Feel?

During our testing phase, we understood that layered construction offers ultimate support and comfort. We have put our experience and money behind engineering a product that redefines sleeping perfection. Offering tranquil night’s sleep, the Nubliss mattress offers an added bounce as well as the comfort of a memory foam.

Why Nubliss sells only one mattress?

Consumers today continue to be offered mattress made from old technologies and dubious materials. It is high time that we say finally say farewell to spring this or spring that and chemical laden, allergy causing latex mattresses!

Sleep is an important part of your life and one of the most important component of your health and fitness. Memory foam is the most appropriate and technologically most advanced material for mattress.

But then not any memory foam will do for your Nubliss. We have gone further than any and brought to you a memory foam mattress that is sculpted and has cooling gel that works perfectly in Indian conditions.

We don’t wish to put you in a fix about what to choose out of 100 needless options. We have has created the one mattress - the best innovation one can come across- using the superior quality material.

How is Nubliss mattress different from traditional memory foam mattresses?

We were so frustrated with overpriced and old technology of mattress being sold! Our experts from Europe perfected the cocktail for a sound sleep. While being in the state Nirvana, we will try our level-best to explain some blissful features of our marvel (Forgive us for being in love with comfort.)-


When it comes to sleep, we are 100% serious about delivering the best. After conducting a deep research in body temperature fluctuation, our team created India’s first ever mattress with contoured memory foam. The perforated foam features contours for proper flow of body heat while sleeping. Infused with a cooling gel, this mattress offers sound sleep and keeps you upto 4°c cooler in summers.

Removable Wash-and-Dry Cover

To make a super cover for our innovation, we used the best-in-line breathable cover. Yes, you read it right! The cover of the mattress is made using eco-friendly mattress and weaved a manner that enables it to assist in air circulation. Not only breathable, this one-of-a-kind cover is buttery soft as well. With a cover so resilient and soft, you will no longer require a bed sheet. The beauty of this cover emanates from the velvety surface that puts your senses under a charm instantly. Wash the cover any time by unzipping it (Oh, it has a zipper as well!) and wash it at 40℃ to keep it blissful.

Contour Support

As much as you love your curves, our mattress will also help in maintaining the same. The foam is poured in a manner that it maintains your contour, while maintaining proper pressure on the vital points.

Lumbar Support

Memory foam in this mattress has a perforated design with a contoured surface – the only one in India to do so. This responds to your body’s temperature, weight and shape to offer a truly personalised support.


- Top side of Nubliss is designed to provide optimum firmness suitable for all people. It relaxes your arteries & veins and comforts aching muscles. However, if you prefer your mattress extra hard, you can just flip it over and benefit from layer of high performance foam

- Do please unzip the cover and flip that over as well!

No-sagging Technology

No more sleeping in trenches or rolling in depressions. No-sagging Technology keeps your body in comfort and mattress straight.

Mattress that Breathes

Enjoy blissful sleep during night or day with our innovation. The perforated memory foam enables your skin to breathe and help maintain proper body temperature. Made using a material that is 30 times more breathable than regular memory foam, this mattress will be a keep you comfortable throughout the night.

Pressure Relieving Memory Foam

After a hectic day, no one wishes to struggle in bed. Our innovation will help you sleep like a baby while taking care of your tired muscles. The memory foam is created by experts to minimise pressure in the joints and muscles.

Thermally Neutral Sleep

You are not a turkey, then why are you getting roasted every night? Our cool-cool mattress will proactively manage heat and let your body phase smoothly through temperature changes during the night. Thus, ensuring sound sleep.

Antimicrobial Treated Fabric

We do not believe in offering a product. We strive to offer you the best product by undertaking varied measures. The mattress is treated that acts as a physical barrier against allergens, dust mites, stains, moisture, mould, and mildew. Why? Because it is high time that mattresses in India start takin care of your health and fitness


Innovations do not happen overnight! These are a result of in-depth research and years of tinkering with various available options. Nubliss is one such innovation that is built to last and fade away when its life-cycle is over. The material used in the manufacturing is biodegradable and does not harm the ecological balance of nature.

Vacuum Packed

We created the best mattress but had a problem of delivering it your house. In normal mattresses, 20% to 25% cost that you pay is for storage and transportation!

But you are too important for Nubliss to load you with this unnecessary cost. We found a solution is world’s most advanced vacuum packing machine that packed our entire mattress into a small, easily-transportable box! We are easily able to deliver to your home and you get a great product at very affordable price. A real win-win solution!

Breathable Fabric

Every pore in your body will be able to breathe on our mattress. The cover is weaved using quality material that enables it to offer a proper flow of air.

Slow Spring-back

Memory foam is capable of evenly distributing the pressure, all thanks to slow spring-back. This enables the foam to adjust to the object and relax the human body by creating adequate pressure on the shoulders and waist.

CertiPur-US® Certified Foam

Our mattress is made using from that has been checked and certified by CertiPur-US®- the highest governing body that accredits best of the material used.

  • Nubliss is tested for Performance, Durability, Emissions, and Content
  • Analysed by approved by independent, accredited testing laboratories
  • Made without harmful chemicals such as ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP or TCEP
  • Made without carcinogenic such as mercury, lead and other heavy metals
  • Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for improved indoor air quality – something that is very important in Indian cities
  • Made without any chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

OEKO-TEX® 100 Standard Fabric

When it comes to delivering the best, we do not take any chances. We have wrapped this foam wonder in a lush, organic fabric that is certified safe by OEKO-TEX® 100. Tested against various parameters, the machine-woven woven fabric was found pH neutral and free of 300 chemicals. This means that the outer layer of the mattress will feel gentle on the skin and will never harm your health. Nubliss is India’s first mattress brand that is wrapped fabric certified by world’s top fabric regulatory authority.

What is the depth of Nubliss mattress?

The Nubliss mattress is 6 inches deep.

How soon one can use the mattress?

We recommend waiting for 1 hour so that it can blossom to its full shape.

Can the mattress be used with any kind of bed base?

Yes, it works with every kind of bed base. We recommend full inspection of the bed base before placement of a mattress. In the case of a worn-out bed base, the performance of a new mattress will be impacted by many folds.

Why is Nubliss mattress offered in a box?

Because we wish to make your life much easier! Who could have imagined such a humongous item, such as a mattress, fitting in a box. With the help of out-of-the-box technology, we were able to roll and compress an elephant in a box.

Owing to this compression process, we are able to save big on the shipping and pass on the savings to you. Plus, it also helps in cutting down on our impact on the environment.

How long can the mattress be kept in a box?

We recommend opening at the earliest to avail the benefits of 101-days free trial.

Will it be fine to place Nubliss mattress on the floor?

Yes, you can put the mattress on the floor. We recommend propping it before and after use as the floor will not provide proper ventilation.

What if the mattress smells?

New Nubliss mattress may have a very mild smell as it breaths in the ambient air. Smell if any will dissipate soon.

Is the mattress reversible?

Yes. The reversed side will feel extra firm.

How crazy is your 101-days of trial?

Nubliss was designed to please the senses to the fullest and lull you to an out-of-the-world experience, when it comes to sleep. Our main motive behind 101 days of peace is to make your body take a call on the mattress. We aim to curb on hurried decisions and offer you and your body a chance to experience the mattress before taking the final call.

How 101-days of trial works?

  • Brand New Mattress On Wheels

You will receive a fresh mattress at the start of the trial period.

  • 101 Days To Convince Your Body

Your body will get 101 calendar nights from the day of delivery, to experience the bliss.

  • Smooth Returns

If you are still tossing on the new mattress, then mark us a mail or call us to avail easy returns.

Can I return my mattress within 1 week or 1 month?

If you are not satisfied, you can avail our ‘No Questions Asked’ return policy and return the mattress on the same day. We will be happy to help!

We recommend as well as encourage our customers to try the mattress for minimum 30 days. During this short span of time, your body will adjust to the new experience. We are not saying it is mandatory, but we wish you to atleast give your body a chance to tune according to the mattress.

In how many sizes the mattress is available?

Nubliss mattress is offered in varied sizes to suit one’s requirement:

a. 72x36 inches

b. 72x60 inches

c. 72x72 inches

d. 75x36 inches

e. 75x60 inches

f. 75x72 inches

g. 78x36 inches

h. 78x60 inches

i. 78x72 inches

  • If the size you are searching for is not listed on the website, then please don’t be disheartened. We are trying our level best to come up with many more sizes.
  • At the first go, the mattress may measure a bit smaller. Give the mattress 24 hours to fully unfurl and attain its original size. Do not worry, we will never ship a mattress that is smaller or larger than the listed size.
  • At present, we are not indulging in the luxury of customising the mattresses. This is to keep our back-end supply smooth in a strategically viable manner.
  • The mattress can be easily squeezed onto beds that are 1 to 2 inches smaller than the mattress, all thanks to foam construction.

Why don't we use Latex foam?

While considering the ultimate combination for our innovation, we mixed, fused, and separated a host of material. One of these was a latex foam which is still widely used and marketed as all-natural make. What is generally not stated prominently is that latex does not perform well in Indian hot conditions and causes allergies. That is also one of the reasons that latex mattresses generally offer shorter warranties.

After experiencing what memory foam – which was incidentally created by NASA - had to offer in terms of health benefits and much more, we were convinced about our selection.

Reasons why our scientists and medical & fitness experts chose memory foam with cooling gel:

  • Pressure Point Relief

Creates proper pressure on Shoulder and Hip Areas without the use of hardened pressure points insertions.

  • Breathability

Perforated memory foam enables air to circulate without restriction.

  • Antifungal & Anti-germ

Best of the material is used to ward off fungus, dust, and germs.

  • Zero Motion Transfer

Sleep without any disturbance as memory foam absorbs every kind of movement.

  • Recyclable

At the end of the use-cycle, the mattress can be easily disposed off without harming the environment.

  • Featherlight

As compared to latex, the memory foam is much lighter in weight.

  • Apt for Indian Conditions

Older generation memory foams used to get heated and this was their one drawback. NX-Gen Memory foam used by Nubliss actually keeps you cooler by 4°c during summers.

Where can one buy a Nubliss mattress?

There are two ways of buying a Nubliss mattress- Nubliss Website & Flipkart’s Nubliss Store. We have exclusively tied up with Flipkart for a chance to service customers based in the far ends of India.

Why is Nubliss mattress priced lower compared to competitors?

Cut Down the Unnecessary! Our team has a simple motto- Design what will prove to be better than the best for a customer. We believe in spending on what matters and shedding off the process that is unyielding for production of a quality mattress.

Vacuum Packed: First time in India, a mattress will be delivered at your doorstep vacuum packed in a box. We have achieved the unattainable by employing world’s most advanced machines to vacuum compress and pack a foam mattress in a box. This enables us to ship the mattress like any other product and save big time on logistic. The saving from this kind of packaging is transferred directly to our customers.

No Middle Man: After a year-long market survey, we concluded that the mattress segment is highly unorganized. All thanks to this, the middle man takes the chunk out of your pocket. In this scenario, a middle man is the person who is selling you the mattress at a store. For every sale, the middle man charges a hefty commission to the brand and thereby increasing the actual cost. To curb this issue, we have eliminated the need for a middle man by selling the mattress directly from our online portal.

Logistics: To create a full circle of delivery, we have adopted a unique way to curb the cost. The manufacturing process runs parallel to the order fulfillment process. This has enabled us to cut the cost down by many fractions.

This has empowered us to offer the best in quality at a cut-throat price.

How ‘Cooling Gel’ really works?

Nubliss- India’s 1st memory foam mattress with cooling gel is designed to keep your body cooler by 4°C. Memory foam used in Nubliss is infused with tiny beads of cooling gel, which is a Phase Change Material (PCM) that changes state to absorb heat. When a person sleeps on Nubliss, the heat produced during wee hours flows through the mattress. This heat is quickly absorbed by gel beads. The surrounding memory foam conducts this heat away from gel beads. The cooling gel and memory foam work in tandem to ensure that the cooling process doesn’t stop and you sleep blissfully.

Orders & Delivery

How will the mattress get delivered?

Using world’s most advanced technology, we have compressed the Nubliss mattress to fit in a box. This helps us to save big time on logistics and deliver the best within a short span of time. Plus, the box is designed in a manner that it can be carried easily on a flight of stairs, in the lifts, and or pushed around in a house.

Dimensions and other details about the product are mentioned below:

Size Thickness Mattress Dimensions Packed Box Dimensions (LxHxW) inches Approximate Packed Weight
Single 6 inches 36x72 inches 97x37x37 inches 9 Kgs
Single 6 inches 36x75 inches 97x37x37 inches 15 Kgs
Single 6 inches 36x78 inches 97x37x37 inches 18 Kgs
Queen 6 inches 60x72 inches 97x43x43 inches 10 Kgs
Queen 6 inches 60x75 inches 102x43x43 inches 15 Kgs
Queen 6 inches 60x78 inches 105x43x43 inches 18 Kgs
King 6 inches 72x72 inches 97x46x46 inches 10 Kgs
King 6 inches 72x75 inches 102x46x46 inches 15 Kgs
King 6 inches 72x78 inches 105x46x46 inches 19 Kgs

How soon the mattress will reach my doorstep?

Based on your location, we will deliver the product within 10-12 days.

Should someone be present at home to collect the delivery?

Our courier partner requires a signed copy of the delivery receipt, so yes; you or someone else from your home should be present to take the delivery. In case you miss out on your delivery, do not worry as our courier partner will retry to get in touch with you and fulfil delivery within next 2 business days. If you wish to reschedule a delivery, please contact our support team.

Will all products in my order be delivered at the same time?

We try our level best to ensure all the products are delivered at the same time. Sometimes we use different courier partners, in accordance with the product type, so the delivery can take place in parts.

Will I get a call before the delivery?

Yes, the executive will call before delivering the product.

Will it be fine if I provide additional delivery details?

While placing the order, you can share additional information for making delivery as smooth as possible.

Which courier do you use for delivery?

At present, we are partnered with Holisol.

Which courier do you use for delivery?

At present, we are partnered with Holisol.

Payments & Refunds

How can I make payment for my order?

Payment can be easily done through following means:

  1. Cash on Delivery: To make transaction as smooth as possible, we offer cash on delivery option. You can easily pay for your order using cash. Please tender the exact change as the delivery executive might not carry the same.
  2. Online Payment: You can easily pay for your order on www.nubliss.com. Our website offers a wide range of payment options that are tied up with a secure payment gateway.

What type of cards do you accept?

We accept Visa Credit, Visa Debit, MasterCard and American Express.

How soon a refund can be processed?

Your refund will be processed within 7 business days of receiving the returned product in original condition.


What is the return process?

If you are not happy with the mattress while availing 101 nights trial, then we will offer you 100% refund on your mattress purchase. No questions asked!

All we need you to do is

  • Return the mattress in the prime condition. That is: do not stain, damage or tamper the mattress in any way
  • Provide original invoice - Not the scanned copy or email printout, and that you send the refund request through an email within 101 Nights of receiving the mattress.

Do I need to pay for the return?

Not at all! We offer free returns on all Nubliss products.

Will I be eligible for an exchange?

Before placing an order, we request you to properly measure your bed to avoid getting a wrong size mattress. If you get a wrong one, then no need to panic. Just place an exchange request by writing to us and our support team will be happy to assist you further. We will together find a solution.

If the product is unpacked, then please mention the same on the mail. Extra handling charges will be applicable in this scenario.

Who will pick up the mattress if I decide to return it?

Our delivery partner will pick up the mattress from the address it was delivered at the first go.

Do I need to keep the box?

You are not required to keep the box, as it is humanly impossible to fit the mattress back in the box. You can use it for personal use.

How do I prepare my mattress for return?

No need to worry about this aspect as our pick-up partner will pack it for you.


How can I keep my mattress clean?

The best way to keep your mattress good as new is through following ways:

  1. Never use water to clean the mattress.
  2. Never try to remove the inside cover as it is stitched to seal the mattress.
  3. Vacuum your mattress on a daily basis.
  4. In case of a stain, dab the excess liquid with a clean cloth and clean the spot with a mild cleaner.

Do you suggest turning my mattress to add on to its years?

You don’t need to turn your mattress but we do recommend rotating it lengthwise. Please rotate the mattress every 30 days to even out shape and prolong its life.

Can I use an electric blanket or a heated cover or a hot water bottle on the mattress?

Generally, avoid using an Electric Blanket or a Heated Cover or a Hot Water Bottle.

Can wrap my mattress in a mattress protector?

Yes, you can use a mattress protector.


How does the warranty works?

Anyone can claim to make a mattress but coming up with a product that is more than just a mattress is not everyone’s cup of tea. At Nubliss, we are mad about attaining perfection. We can go to any lengths to attain this and please your senses with the end result. This is why we invested lots of time in coming up with a perfect formula that we can proudly back.

To further prove that you will be getting the best quality and technology and nothing else, we have packed this mattress with unheard of 10-year warranty.

Moreover, our warranty is so simple and so wide that you will have complete peace of mind.

So long as you are the original purchaser and have the original receipt to show that, your Nubliss mattress will be covered under the warranty! We know that it is almost impossible that it will ever occur, but in case there are any manufacturing defects like uneven surface, pasting issues, or cracks in the foam or if indentation is more than 5 cm, then we will determine the what is the best solution (fix or replace the mattress, provide full or partial reimbursement, or any other) so that you continue to be happy with your relationship with Nubliss.

To continue keep your warranty valid, all we need you to do is to ensure that the mattress is not subjected to misuse, careless treatment, or physical abuse, and that mattress is unboxed for within 15 days after delivery.

Then there are some common sense elements that the warranty does not cover and we want to transparently communicate them to you as well. These are:

      • Mattress cover, zipper or damage from unintended use or from normal increase in softness
      • Mattress dimensions have a 10% tolerance due to elastic components. And so long the mattress remains within this tolerance, whether after short- or long-term use of the mattress, warranty claim will not arise.
      • Minor manufacturing defects like overlapping of a stitch or piping.