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Don’t just sleep well, sleep with a velvety feel with Nubliss soft mattresses

Nubliss, the most famed soft mattress supplier in India offers an assorted range of extra soft, velvety, and endured mattresses at an affordable price tag. Our range of soft mattresses has a match for everyone’s taste. Whether you need a soft mattress for double bed or need to have a compact yet comfy queen size mattress, Nubliss is your destination.

Being the trademark of quality and durability, Nubliss’s soft mattresses are backed with the world’s best mattress technology and finest quality materials. All our soft mattresses are made from premium quality memory foam that has precise comfort, flexibility, and firmness to give you a good night’s sleep experience.

Have a feather-like feel while you’re asleep

At this soft mattress store online, you can make a purchase with an assurance of extra comfort and coziness that other run of the mill mattresses fails to provide. Each mattress comes with 5-layers of comfort. The concept is designed by European experts. These five layers make your mattress and ideal sleeping surface. As each layer is optimal firmness, extra comfort is what you should be assured of.

To make your mattress comfier, Nubliss has added OEKO-TEX® Certified cover in each mattress. This cover does more than adding a pinching of comfort. It keeps your mattress spick and span while you use it daily. This cover wicks body sweat and keep your body at ease so that you have undisturbed sleep.

The best bargain

At Nubliss, you can buy the best cheap soft mattress online while never compromising on the quality. It’s because there are no middle man and infrastructure costs added at the final price.

Nubliss doesn’t charge its customers for all these facilities. In fact, it allows its customers to buy soft mattress online with the least possible hassles.

The price is included the delivery and packaging charges. The mattress will be delivered on your door-step in safe and sound conditions. As each product goes through extensive quality checks, quality is 100% assured. Check the soft mattress price now and get the best deal.