Wake Up on the Right Side of the Day


After a hectic day, nothing stands more precious than 8 hours of peaceful sleep. During these hours, your body revives, recuperates, and ensures the next day starts in a fresh mode. Things turn out worse when your bed is not in a mood entertain you. All it bestows upon you is sleeplessness, aches, and pains, thereby compromising your health and sleep routine. With the help of a few adjustments in your sleep position, one can easily avoid morning aches.

Two most important sleeping positions are as follows:

Sleeping on Your Side

If you wish to keep your back in a good health, then you need to ensure that you sleep on your side. According to sleep experts, this position is considered best for the back health. To ensure that you do not wake up with aching muscles, you need to do the following:

Sleeping on Your Side

Place a thick enough pillow under your head to ensure that your neck is at the level of your spine while sleeping.

Place a medium-soft pillow between knees to support your lower back.

You can also use a body pillow to keep the hips, back and shoulders in alignment.

Lying on Your Back

Sleeping on your back is considered best for your back’s health but can be a tricky affair for people suffering from snoring and sleep apnea. Need not worry as we understand how difficult it is to change the things your body is habitual about. Some tips to improve your beloved sleeping position are as follows:

lying on beds

Make use of a cushy pillow under your head to raise the same and support your back.

Place a small pillow under your knees to ensure that the pressure on your lower back is lowered.

We hope above-mentioned positions will help you sleep like a baby and you will be able to meet the day all charged up. These positions are trusted by the sleep experts as well as mattress designers for peaceful sleep.