This is Why Sound Sleep is Important!

You must have heard ample of times that you should always take proper sleep. But have you wondered why it’s so important? Why your doctor put much stress on having a proper and sound sleep if you wish to lead a healthy life?

If you haven’t got answers yet then this post is going to enlighten you.

  • Sound sleep ensures better concentration

When you sleep, your brain get involves in the repairing process. This further enhances your brain’s concentration and involvement activities. Those who are not sleeping well are likely to suffer from poor concentration and cognitive ability.

  • Want to look slim and maintain an ideal weight? Sleep well.

Many studies have proved that sleeping well helps you deal with food cravings and bad eating habits. A sound sleep of say about 6-8 hours helps maintain ideal BMI. Also, when you’re sleeping well, you’re likely to increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR). Proper sleep helps you maintain ideal body metabolism. All these factors further enforce ideal body weight.

  • Proper sleep takes care of your heart

One of the most potential health risks that today’s generation is facing is high heart disease risks. As per the recent study was done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), getting adequate rest each night ensures that your body’s blood pressure is well regulated. When blood is flowing properly, you are less likely to have heart issues. 

  • Proper sleep keeps stress at bay 

Stress is a silent killer and it has been revealed by many studies that lack of sleep or insomnia promotes depression in a hidden way. 

  • Stronger immunity 

More than popping-up those immunity pills, taking proper sleep is what boosts your immunity. When we sleep, our body repairs and regenerates cells. Hence, your body becomes more active and powerful to fight with the infections. 

  • Lower risk of inflammatory diseases 

A recent study conducted by the World Journal of Gastroenterology has revealed that there is a link between proper sleep and reduce body inflammation. 

Here is a quick guide to help you with the ideal sleeping hours.

Source : CDC/NIH

All these studies clearly show that proper sleep impacts your health in ways that weren’t imagined before. So, next time when you’re thinking of your well-being thinks whether you’re sleeping well or not.

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