Snoring – Common Reasons and Solutions for How to Stop Snores

How to stop snores
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Snoring! This is one problem that doesn’t bother the addict but the people around him/her. A snoring spouse can give you a sleepless night. And we all know how important it is to have quality, undisturbed, and sound sleep to upkeep one’s pink health. 

We didn’t mean to scare you but snoring can cause obstructive sleep apnea which is a major cause of heart disorders. So, you can’t afford to take a chill pill when you snore or you have a partner who snores. But, sadly, everyone does that. No one ever bothers to know why it happens or is there is anything that can be done in stopping it. 

Well, if you’re also unaware of the nitty-gritty of snoring, it’s time to upgrade your knowledge and knowing over it. Scroll down to explore more on this topic. 

Snoring – The Reasons 

Just like anything, snoring happens for a reason which you may not know. When snoring is concerned, many things play a crucial role. Here are the reasons that can lead to snoring. 

  • Anatomy of your mouth – If you have a low and thick palate than your airway would be obstructed leading to snoring. Along with this, people who have a triangular tissue piece attached to their soft palate are like to snore. 
  • Your body weight – People with heavy body weight are likely to have added and unwanted tissue in the back of their throat. Now, this extra tissue cause airway obstruction and support snoring. 
  • Your fondness for alcohol – So you’re alcoholic and loves to have your shots before bedtime. Well, this practice will lead to snoring as alcohol calm down the throat muscles which cause airway obstruction. 
  • Your long term nasal problems – People with chronic nasal congestion or deviated nasal septum will have snoring.

These are the main culprits when snoring is concerned. Along with them, sleep deprivation and sleep position also lead to this issue. 

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Snoring – The Solutions 

Though snoring is common, it can be prevented. Here are some tips that will help you get rid of this issue:

  • Keep your nasal passage as clear as possible to curb the airway obstruction possibilities. If you have a cold, get rid of the blockage. Taking a hot shower before the shower is also useful to remove airway clogging. Neti pot works wonderfully. 
  • Change your sleeping position if you’re sleeping on your back as it will support snoring. Sleeping on the sides is the ideal sleeping position to get rid of snoring. 
  • Drink plenty of fluids. A well-hydrated body is nothing but pure bliss. When you’re hydrated, your nose and soft palate will be stickier and lubricated. So, there won’t be any airway obstruction. 
  • Try to avoid alcohol just before bedtime. 
  • Grab an ideal memory foam mattress and a comfortable pillow to have a sound sleep as it leads to throat relaxation. 

Say well bye-bye to snoring! With the right kind of tactics, you can save yourself from an omnipresent issue like snoring. Try to have a sound sleep, keep alcohol at bay, and maintain nasal hygiene habits to stop snoring victimizing you. 

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