Sleeping Workout – Know about How Does Your Body Uses Calories While You Sleep?

Img Credit : Pexels(Andrea Piacquadio)

Out of all the shocking things, the one that would surprise you the most is that you can burn calories while sleeping. Yes, that’s right. While your neighbor or friend is sweating out in the gym, you can burn calories by having a sound sleep.

Isn’t it a great thing? Of, course it is. But, this fact can make some wonder how it’s possible. You also have a tough time digesting this fact and want to know the reasons then this reading post is just the right thing that you should do. 

REM – The Calories Burner 

REM or Rapid Eye Movement sleep is what consumes your body calorie while you’re sleeping and dreaming. We all sleep daily, but our minds never do. When you’re in REM sleep condition, your brain is busy burning the glucose and uses your body calory as fuel.  During this time, your heart rate and blood pressure also rise that also leads to more calories burned. 

Body Maintenance Job

When we sleep, our body is busy in a regular maintenance job. It repairs, it amends, and it nurtures during sleep. All the damages that you do during waking hours are taken care of during your sleep. To make all of this happen, your body needs fuel. Hence, calories are consumed.

Digestion of Food 

What you eat all day is digested properly during sleep. The body breaks down the food into usable fuel that can be consumed the following day. This task also needs fuel. So, more calories are burned. 

Now, the above-mentioned facts made one thing very clear that calories are burned while one is asleep. The legit question here is: 

How many calories are burned during sleep

Well, the answer is right here.  

How much you will burn during sleep is something that is affected by multiple factors; for instance, your BMR or Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) and your body weight. The more would be your BMR and body weight, the more would be the calories consumption. 

Then the amount of sleep you take has also an important role to play. For instance, a person with average built will burn 38 calories per hour of sleep. For an exact number of burned calories, you can multiple 38 by a number of hours you sleep. 

The Power of Sleep 

Sleep is not just sleeping. It’s a way to maintain your well-being and enjoy good health.  Out of the wonders that sleep can do to a person, burning calories and aiding to weight loss is what excites all of us as ideal body weight can make tons of things right. So, never underestimate its power and make sure that you’re sleeping well. Take an adequate amount of sleep daily and see what wonders it can do to your body.

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