9 Tips to Sleep Peaceful and Quickly Every Night

Peaceful Sleep
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If you are one of those who can fall asleep within minutes of hitting the bed, then you are among the few fortunate! For the statistics have it clearly written on the wall that Indians are the second most sleep deprived after Japan. According to a report, Indians get an average sleep of just 7 hours and 1 minute at night.

We are not unaware of the factors that are responsible for such sleep disorders. Stress, anxiety, pressure of work, relationship… it can be just anything out of these for you. What we need to be aware of instead is how to tackle these evils that take away a lot from us in the name of sleepless nights.

9 Tips to sleep peaceful and quickly every night

1. Cut your caffeine intake after 4 P.M.

If you think you cannot do that, sample this…

You will be surprised to know that your cup of coffee that you had in your office at 3 in the afternoon can make you toss and turn in your bed at 10 in the night!

2. Check your last meal

Your last meal before you sleep will has a deep impact on how you sleep at night. So be mindful of not just what you have for dinner but also what time you have it. Include something that is light yet filling and ensure there is a space of at least two hours between your meal and your bed time.

3. Reduce the use of technology

The blue lights that are released from electronic gadgets and television directly impact the release of melatonin in the body and hinder the sleep. So reduce the use of technology post evening or at least an hour before the bed time.

4. Take a quick shower

It will totally renew your energies! Whether you have had a tiring day at office or a demanding day at home itself, a quick shower at night is like getting a new lease of life and prepping up for a peaceful night ahead.

5. Ready your bedroom

Never underestimate the energies of your bedroom! If you have a cluttered bedroom, you will have a cluttered mind too. So clear all the mess, ensure you have a clean bed with cotton bed sheet, comfortable pillows and cooling mattress to aid peaceful sleep.

It is no surprise that a comfortable sleeping surface will go a long way in stirring up a deep sleep. So do not shy away from investing in the best like nubliss mattress! The company has products that are designed by European sleep experts and uses materials that have Certi-PUR(US) certifications. What else can you ask for?

6. Meditate for a few minutes

Meditation is magic! And when you do it just before your sleep routine, it can take you to a completely different world. Listen to soulful music or chanting of mantras and feel yourself immersing into deep slumber.

7. Choose lighting that suits you

You must have heard that blocking out all the light and sleeping in a pitch dark room can help induce sleep. What we will suggest instead is choose the lighting that suits you! Just like many who prefer a dark room to sleep, there are others who cannot sleep in a black out room at all!

8. Use technology to aid sleep

Just like in any other field, technology can help you with sleeping better too! There are several applications that help to induce sleep and then there are sleep tracking devices that will help you understand your sleep better. You can also use these to sleep better.

9. Try to have a fixed sleep time

Even though it might sound like a cliché, try to have a fixed bed time and a fixed time to wake up as well. This way you help your body to identify a sleep cycle and get used to it. If you are lucky, within a few days you will neither require any of the above tips to sleep nor an alarm to wake you up. Your body cycle will do it all for you!

When you get a good night’s sleep, everything seems to get perfect with time. You are full of energy at work, you have time for your loved ones, your relationships seem to change for better and the most important of all– you feel much healthier than ever. So much for 8 hours of sleep!! What are you waiting for?

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