Guide to Choosing the Pillow for a Sound Sleep

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Have you ever given a thought to the type of pillow you use?

Well, you should.

As much as a mattress is important in determining the sleep quality, so is the type of pillow. Sleeping on a wrong pillow may cause poor blood circulation and affect the quality of your sleep adversely. Now which one is the best for you and your sleep needs is a matter of huge concern. For some, a firm and a rigid pillow might lead to neck pain or additional sleep-related problems, for others the thin ones cause major problems.

This article is for all those looking to buy a pillow online but not sure about which one to buy. Before we dive into the prospects of buying the right pillow, let’s have a quick look at why it is important to have the right pillow?

Why Choose a Pillow, instead of randomly picking any?

At the end of the day, the only thing you look forward to is sound sleep. And by this, we mean to say a stress-free sleep one that does not involves breaks and wakes you up without pain. Though many consider a poor sleep to be the direct outcome of stress and worry, a pillow also influences the sleep quality. An effective pillow is capable of providing a healthy posture which further relieves the person from stress, leading to sound sleep.

When you are not using the right pillow, odds are the posture isn’t right and your neck and shoulders aren’t receiving the needed support. This not only affects the sleep posture but at the same time induces pain within the body. Now imagine waking up with a neck ache or shoulder pain, of course, this is the last thing you would want to start your day with, right?

How to Choose the Right Pillow?

It is true that a pillow provides the perfect support needed to align the neck and shoulder, eliminating the possibility of sleeplessness and discomfort. But how will you choose when you buy pillows online?

The choice of pillow depends on multiple factors. From size to fabric, the quality of filling and the filling’s weight, all add up to determine which pillow serves the purpose best. We base our guide on two factors, the types, and the firmness level. Let us see what they actually mean.

Types of Pillow

  • Memory Foam Pillows: One of the best in its kind, the memory foam pillow comes with extended support to the neck and back improving the sleep quality. Made up of polyurethane, this type of pillow ensures good sleeping experience and increased comfort for its users.
  • Latex Pillows: Made with synthetic or natural latex, these are softer than the memory foam pillows with support to pain pressure points. It is more economical, but bouncy. So, if you are habitual of changing postures, the mattress will keep tossing you and disturb for sure.
  • Down and Down-Alternative Pillows: With soft and light fillings, down pillows are those super-fluffy pillows that are designed to have as soft as the body of a duck or goose. These require round the clock maintenance to sustain the fluffiness. While down pillows may attract allergens, down-alternative pillows are fully-hypoallergenic. So, if you are allergic to dust and pollution, or not into cleaning the pillows very regularly, go with the down-alternative pillows.
  • Feather Pillows: Extending the features of the down and Down-Alternative pillows, the feather pillows though comfortable, but has plentiful of drawbacks, for example – it is heavier and its weight may shift to the center soon.
  • PolyFill Pillows: An alternative for all the budget specific users, polyFill pillows are easy to wash and have decent firmness. However, the support and comfort they offer are lesser than the memory foam pillows.

Once you have cut short your list based on the type of pillow, next we head towards the level of firmness.

Firmness Level

It is nothing but the position in which you sleep that determines which level of firmness would soothe your sleep the best.

  • Back Sleepers: These require medium or even soft level of firmness within their pillows. A slightly thicker pillow would help them keep their spine and neck aligned, providing the needed comfort.
  • Side Sleepers: These mandate the need for a thicker pillow as it has to create a balance between the neck and shoulder space. Pillows that have firm thickness are the ideal choice for the side sleepers.
  • Stomach Sleepers: Since you are about to sink in your head, the softer density pillows or the thinner ones, serve your interest the best.

However, if you are someone that keeps changing sides, you need to go for the medium density pillow to suit all your sleeping patterns.

Making the Call Remember, choosing the right pillow when buying online necessitates the need to carefully check the pillow type, the firmness level, the quality and the size of the pillow. It might so happen that you accidentally use the wrong sized pillow, and get body aches or headache. Also, keep your pillows protected and covered, preventing the entry of dust. In the end, keep in mind that similar to mattresses, pillows also are important for a decent sleep.

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