Sunaina Miglani Dudhalkar- IT Consultant

What Drives You to Stay Fit

What we feed, What we do, What we read and What we watch clearly reflects on Us. Our thoughts and the company we surround with defines us. The stronger and fit body is, the stronger WE are. And, who doesn’t like to be strong!

Daily Fitness Routine

Yoga and Calisthenics

Exercise for Good Sleep

As much as it’s important to push ourselves in this competitive world, it’s more important to completely rejuvenate ourselves with sound sleep where in we wake up fresh and look forward to our goals without being lethargic. Make yoga a part of your daily routine and feel a world of difference in YOU.

Activities Recommended for Good Sleep

Eat healthy, Exercise daily, and Meditate regularly. Determine yourself to be physically active for at least 30 mins every day – choose any physical activity according to your liking – be it cycling, running, gymming, swimming, yoga, or any sports you like.

Importance of a Good Sleep Surface

Just like daily workout helps in relieving stress and boosts blood flow, a good sleeping surface helps to relax, rejuvenate, and recover worn-out muscles and joints. It is a must to select a sleep surface that adapts to your body shape, helps relax, and ensures a comfortable sleep.