Sanya Narang– Fitness Coach

What Drives You to Stay Fit

To me, fitness is way more than a lifestyle. It has undoubtedly pumped my every day with lots of power and efficiency. It has changed the way I looked at the world and made me bold enough to fight anything which comes my way. Fitness has helped me to know myself better, so the journey is still on.

Daily Fitness Routine

After having an uninterrupted sound sleep, I wake up all fresh to hit the gym after my pre-workout meal. I prefer going to the gym in the morning which keeps me active the whole day. After hitting the gym, I have my post workout meal and go for work. Keeping all meals in check, enough hydration and giving one hundred percent to each task in the day are the essentials of my routine. I am a student and managing this routine with college and studies sometimes really get difficult but each day is a struggle and I look forward to it.

Exercises for Good Sleep

The exercises for an uninterrupted sound sleep range from basic cardio exercises (walking, running, burpees, jumping, rope skipping, swimming, any sport, twisting exercises) which gets your heart rate high, to the strength exercises (push ups, pull ups, squats, lunges, crunches, presses) which help you in developing muscles. 

Apart from these, I do prefer stretching and some yoga poses to make my mind calm and relax by the end of the day before sleeping.

Activities Recommended for Good Sleep

Personally, early to bed and early to rise, is the best thing a person can include in routine to achieve a good night sleep.  Apart from this,cardio-vascular exercises, weight training, stretching, having a balanced diet, keeping your gadgets and mobile phones away and including meditation and relaxation of mind and body before hitting the hay and sleeping on a comfortable sleep surface are some of the recommended activities.

Importance of a Good Sleep Surface

A good sleep surface is not a luxury but a necessity for each one of us regardless of lifestyle and routines. Sleeping is a natural therapy that your body requires to revive and restore the energy level, to maintain the balance in hormones, to have full concentration and productivity levels, to keep the immune system strong and healthy and most importantly to maximize the athletic performances. A good sleep surface is a reason behind an efficient and well-organized performance.