Rutuja Hegshetye – Fitness Coach

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What Drives Me to Stay Fit:

I  think fitness should be a lifestyle! Being a bodybuilder, I take pride in efforts put in maintaining my body as well as following a strict fitness routine. I consider my body as a temple and strive to keep it in shape always.

Daily Fitness Routine:

The day starts with blood-flow boosting cardio followed by meal prep. My daily routine involves personally coaching clients at the gym and online coaching. As my daily routine is in parallel with my clients, it helps me keep focused and keeps me motivated.

Exercise Recommended for Good Sleep:

In my personal opinion, one should always make time for basic exercise. This not only helps in keeping oneself healthy but also helps sleeping better.

Activities Recommended for Good Sleep:

A person should at least spend 45 minutes to 1 hour to indulge in any kind of activity like running, jogging, playing, or gyming. This will help lower the stress level, boost blood flow, and prepare the body for a sound sleep.

Importance of a Good Sleep Surface:

After the daily activity, it is recommended to rest on a surface that helps muscles and joints relax. For the fitness conscious, it is very important to take proper sleep to maintain the results achieved after a daily workout. Sleep on a surface that promotes muscle recovery, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Also, look for a surface that promotes pressure relief to relax joints, blood flow in the body, and takes shape of your body to maintain natural alignment of the spine and head.