Gurpreet Kaur- Yoga Instructor

What Drives Me to Stay Fit:

The sheer feeling of productivity that comes with it. Moreover, changing my diet to healthy food leaves me energized to manage the day.

Daily Fitness Routine:

Yoga, portion control and body weight workouts.

How Yoga Helps in Good Sleep:

Yoga really helps with sleep, by setting your body clock to a regular sleep pattern. You also end up waking up early because of this.

Activities Recommended for Good Sleep:

Activities I’d recommend are yoga or meditation. If playing some sport makes you feel good, then I’d suggest taking time out of your weekly schedule to play at least 3 times a week. It adds to an overall feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

Importance of a Good Sleep Surface:

Look for a sleep surface that takes the shape of your body to promote blood flow as well as keeps body aligned in a natural shape. To keep oneself fit, one should opt for sleep surface that relaxes joints, muscles and helps in recovery and rejuvenation.