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Fiitnes Beats is a company founded by Deepak J Sharma and Sunita Singh.

What Drives You to Stay Fit?

To have an injury-free and disease-free energetic body. To do our daily routine work with positive emotions and no pain. If you are fit physically then you are fit mentally. If you have a fit body, you have strong psychology.

Daily Fitness Routine

Our day starts with helping others to become fit. For us, we design exercises as per individual body after checking strength in all the muscles. We design injury free compound bodyweight exercises so that people can do at their home or wherever they are without any fitness equipment. We design functional movements with necessary MFR and proper Yoga poses for stretching with correct posture. We design body patterns for fat loss exercises with HIIT.

Exercises for Good Sleep

Exercising in correct postures and proper breathing release all bad toxins from the body while sleeping. We prescribe exercises to all of our clients before sleeping which they can do on their beds.

Activities Recommended for Good Sleep.

Exercising daily for 45 minutes to 1 hour helps in better sleep. Tell yourself that you are fit, good looking, healthy, and you love yourself every day.

Importance of a Good Sleep Surface

It keeps your body posture correct. If the sleep surface is good, we are safe from spinal (cervical extensions, spondylitis, scoliosis, etc.) issues. Your body will be relaxed and fresh without any stiffness when you wake up in the morning, if your surface is good.

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