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What Drives You to Stay Fit

Staying fit keeps both the mind and body in top notch condition. There is no lethargy and you are ready to take on all tasks. Moreover looking good is an added benefit, it adds confidence and raises self-esteem. Also if you indulge in any kind of fitness activity, it reduces the chances of depression. It helps in releasing hormones that make you feel good, it’s a natural high.

Daily Fitness Routine

I normally workout at the gym 5 to 6 days a week for an hour. Apart from this, I also practice yoga sometimes.

Exercise for Good Sleep

The importance of exercise for good sleep is that, once you exercise it tires your body. So naturally, the body wants to rest in order to repair and relax. For me personally, I am able to sleep soundly if I had an active day full of physical activities.

Activities Recommended for Good Sleep

Activities for good sleep are:

  • you have to follow a sleep schedule
  • eat around 2 hours before going to bed
  • stay hydrated throughout the day
  • exercise regularly
  • have a good and comfortable bed to sleep on (switch off the light if they cause problem while sleeping)

Importance of a Good Sleep Surface

Sleeping is the time when our body detoxifies and repairs itself, if the surface is too hard or too soft they cause soreness in the body, if you didn’t have a sound sleep, mentally also the person feels irritated other problems like cervical and back pain are also caused due to lack of a good sleep surface.

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