Memory Foam Mattresses and why they are praised by Orthopedic Doctors?

Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is one of those revolutionary inventions that have made human life easy and comfortable. Originally invented by the NASA, the primary use of memory foam was in the aviation industry where airplane seats were made up of this in the early 60s. Seeing its efficacy there, it has become an integral part of our lives. Now, we can find memory foam almost everywhere. It is even there in your cars. The amazing comfort of your shoe sole is because of memory foam only. 

Out of all these usages, its application in mattress and pillow deserve the first mention as it is what makes our sleep sound and comfortable. There is no hidden secret that night of sound sleep is what we all need to stay sane and vitalized. 

So, what exactly is memory foam? 

Made up of polyurethane foam and a few chemicals, memory foam is known for its viscous and dense structure that has spaces between its cells for the needed air movement. It can change its shape as per users’ body, maintain optimal temperature and, therefore, can offer amazing comfort as you expect from your mattress.  

As it offers a firmer sleeping surface while rendering the necessary back and joint support, it is often referred to as an orthopedic memory foam mattress. In general, memory foam comes in three categories.  

Petroleum-based Memory Foam 

This type of memory foam is what used widely in mattresses and pillow. It has great body molding ability and takes the shape of the user. 

Open Cell Memory Foam 

This is the basic type of memory foam with a modified internal structure. There are spaces inside the form of pores allowing the proper air to follow. Thus, it makes sure that there is proper airflow while you are sleeping. 

Gel Memory Foam 

It is also referred to as gel-infused memory foam. In this type of memory foam, the gel is trapped inside the form of pores. Again, pumped up gel is also of two different types. The first type of gel is heat absorbing material. The other type is actually a phase-changing material (that could absorb and release heat) that is known to regulate your body temperature. This phase-changing gel can either absorb or release heat depending upon the need of the hour. 

Why Orthopedics across the world are in all praise of orthopedic memory foam mattresses?

It’s been ages since then orthopedic memory foam mattresses have been praised and preferred to have a sound sleep at night. Seeing it’s ample of health benefits and advantages, orthopedics across the world swear by its viability in relieving back and joint pains. Here are some of the reasons why orthopedics suggests it blindly.

  • The great remedy of pain in pressure points 

If you are suffering from pain in pressure points then your orthopedic will surely suggest you to start using memory foam mattress. In general, pain in pressure points occurs due to the gravity pressure paired with the upward resistance coming from the bedding. When left neglected for a long time, it can also lead to poor blood circulation and soft tissue damage.

As memory foam takes the shape of a user’s body, it ensures that your body is not adjusting as per the mattress. Rather mattress is getting adjusted as per your body posture. This neutralizes the upward resistance coming from bedding and brings relief in the pressure point pain. 

Also, by getting completely aligned with your body, it makes sure that your body weight is properly aligned and evenly spread out. This further eliminates the chances of pressure point pain. 

  • If you are struggling hard to get the perfect sleeping positing then it is for you

We all have a particular sleeping posture. If the bedding surface is tough then getting that perfect posture will be an uphill struggle. Memory foam has a body shaping ability and enables a user to gain that perfect sleeping posture. You can do as much as tossing and turn throughout the night without disturbing your sleeping partner. Rather than transferring your sleeping motion elsewhere, it absorbs the motion and isolates it completely. 

  • Are you allergic? Then memory foam mattress is what you need 

Are you thinking that memory foam mattresses are there to bring relief on back and joint pain?

Then you probably know only half about it. If data to believe, there are around 100,000 to 10 million dust mites trapped inside a mattress. With such high allergens present around you, you are going to get serious allergy attacks during the night. 

Some people get trouble breathing during sleep just because of these allergic elements. However, orthopedic memory foam mattresses generally have a very dense structure. This makes it tough for allergens to get into the form pores and built up there. Dust and mold spores will hardly make it through. So while using memory foam, you will not have allergens in your mattress and there will be no trouble breathing. That means using it can bring great relief in allergy as well and a good sleep in your way.  So from now on, don’t compromise on your sleep. Get orthopedic memory foam mattresses today have a night of quality sleep.

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