How is Memory Foam Mattress Better Than a Latex Mattress?

Memory Foam VS Latex Mattress

Do you frequently wish to take a power nap in office?
Is your coffee mugs tower higher than your laptop´s screen?
Does your brain take a walk, now and then, right in the middle of a meeting?

No matter how many cups of coffee you drink or try to train your brain to stay awake, everything will fail if your body is not able to revive itself a night before. Just like every machine needs downtime for maintenance, your body also requires sufficient time to fix and revive muscles. For a fresh start every day, you need to understand what kind of foam is better for your body. Mattress market is flooded with options and combinations that can drive anyone crazy. The best way to go about it is by understanding how biggest players- Memory Foam and Latex Foam can change the way you wake up.

What is a Latex Foam?

Rubber extracts are processed to create latex foam that has more elasticity than any other material used in a mattress. However, the same can be easily made using a synthetic material that mimics the properties of natural latex. The latex foam is well-known for faster response time and more bounce. Latex foam mattresses are generally preferred by sleepers who want a lighter feel, more bounce, and a faster response time. A latex foam mattress offers generalised sinkage and compression and next-to-zero contouring. The perforated latex foam is designed with air pockets that help in keeping the mattress cool. Latex material is not really good at relieving pain or stressed out muscles as it is incapable of conforming to the natural shape of the body.

Latex foam mattress is best for following users:

  1. People looking for more bounce: The latex foam offers more bounce and prevents a sinking feeling.
  2. People looking for faster response time: People who are active during sleep will definitely like faster response time offered by latex.
  3. People looking for natural material: Natural rubber extracts make latex foam organic by every sense.

What is a Memory Foam?

Constructed using polyurethane and additional materials that exhibit viscoelastic properties, the "Memory Foam" is a manmade foam that is specially poured for better contouring of pressure points. The engineered foam can easily take on various firmness levels for maximum comfort. Response time of the memory foam varies according to the density achieved. In general, the memory foam mattress responds slower than other types of foams. This means that the foam gives your body time to get comfortable. The foam is designed with holes on the top and channels in the bottom for maximum circulation of body heat and air.

Some remarkable features of memory foam:

  1. be easily infused with gel, gel beads, copper, graphite, or other materials
  2. Density varies between 3.0-5.0 PCF
  3. Response time varies between slow to average (2-4 seconds)
  4. Pressure relieving
  5. Promotes proper blood flow

Deep pressure relief feature of the foam helps in relieving pain built up in the pressure points or in muscles. The foam is designed to induce a cocoon effect. This means that the foam contours itself according to your body shape to relieve pressure points. This effect increases heat retention and results in hot sleep. To combat the issue, the foam is infused with cooling agents to dissipate heat. But it doesn"t mean that memory foam is warm. Heat retention also depends on the construction and pouring method of the foam. To combat this issue, Nubliss features deep channels for proper circulation of body heat, especially poured to ensure medium firmness, and infused with active cooling gel beads to keep your body cooler by 4°C on a hot summer day.

Memory Foam is "Best" for following users:

1. People looking for deep-compression support: A memory foam mattress offers significantly more sinkage than any other kind of mattress. This means that the foam offers proper body contouring and helps in relieving pressure built up in joints and muscles.

2. People looking for slower response time: If you are not one of those who tosses a lot on a bed, then you will appreciate a memory foam mattress with a slower response time. The foam is designed to let your body completely sink in the lap of immense comfort and offers deep pressure relief. Active sleeper will find the mattress soothing as it helps the body to relax and tensed up muscles to untangle.

3. People looking material that takes natural shape: Memory foam naturally conforms to the natural shape of a body and helps in fighting sleep-related issues.

Memory foam is specially engineered to make sleep time a blissful part of your day. The foam contours to your body shape and creates pressure on the points where muscles or joints are stressed out. It promotes the flow of blood while your body is inactive. Hopefully, this article will help you make an informed choice and help you wake up all refreshed.