Mattress Size Guide – Simplified Calculation for Naïve Buyers!

Mattress Size Guide

When you are looking for a perfect mattress for your bed, the primary concern is buying the right size. And it is often also the most complex task at hand, thanks to the different sizes available and the terminology associated with them.

If you can also relate to this issue, here’s some help for you –

Different sizes and what they mean?

Single Size Mattress

A Single (or Twin) size mattress has a length that can be comfortably used by men as well as women. These are popularly used by children, teenagers, or adults sleeping alone.

It has 36 x 72 (or 75, or 78) inches measurements that make it ideal for single taller sleepers.

Double Size or Full-Size Mattress

A double size mattress has 48 x 72 (or 75, or 78) inches dimensions and is wider than a twin size mattress. It is a perfect choice for people who are 5’5” or shorter. This is the standard double size mattress category.

Queen Size Mattress

One of the most popular styles of mattresses with the couples sharing a bed, a queen size mattress comes with 60 x 72 (or 75, or 78) inches measurement. Its popularity is due to the added comfort it provides and also the ease with which it fits most of the beds.

King Size Mattress

The latest entry in the world of comfortable sleep is a king-size mattress. The mattress provides extra space to the couples who share a bed, so much so, that they feel they are sleeping all alone on a twin size mattress. The standard king-size mattress is available in 72” x 72” (or 75, or 78) size.

How to Measure Mattress Size?

As you are aware of the common mattress type, it’s time to know which type you need for your bed.  To find the right-sized mattress for your bed, you need to learn how to measure your bed. 

So, here we go –

  1. Take any standardized measuring tape.
  2. Now, to measure the length of the mattress, keep the measuring tape vertically of your bed and measure the distance from one end to another in inches.
  3. For breath measurement, place the measuring tape horizontally and measure the distance from side to side in inches.
  4. As far as mattress highest is concerned the standard 6-inch height works well in all sorts of beds unless it is a low-floor bed. For the low-floor bed, the ideal mattress height is 10 inches.

Point to be remembered

While you are measuring the mattress for your bed, always measure leaving the edges as the mattress is going to rest inside the edges, not on the edges. So, never take measurements with edges included. Most of the companies today also offer customized size mattresses that means that perfect size and added comfort come together.