Gift Mattress to your loved ones remotely this Diwali — Here is why

Big Diwali Sale

With the fragrance filled air, gleam of diyas around and hearts filled with warmth, there’s something about Diwali that even this dreaded pandemic could not take away!

Diwali is as much about meeting people and exchanging gifts as it is about keeping the traditions alive and happiness spread around.

In case you are planning to keep it simple and safe, we completely understand. But remember just as you meet your loved ones virtually this year; do not forget to send them a special gift remotely too.

And wait… you certainly do not have to be stuck with chocolates, Ganesha idols or lamps and lanterns!

How about thinking out-of-the-box and buy best mattress online to gift your loved ones this Diwali and that too from the comfort of your homes?

Here is why this is a great idea and you will thank us later:

Top Reasons to gift mattress to your loved ones remotely this Diwali

1. There can be nothing better than gifting a sound sleep

With all the stress, anxiety and sleep related disorders at an all-time high this year imagine gifting someone the gift of a sound sleep! This Diwali if there is anything that your loved ones are looking for, it is mental peace and physical comfort and a good mattress promises both.

With online shopping the trendiest thing to happen during the COVID times, we suggest you to buy mattress online in India and gift comfortable sleeping nights to your loved ones ahead.

2. They are vacuum packed and thus free of human touch

Even though online shopping has been a big hit this year, it was made possible due to contactless deliveries. And when you buy mattress online, you will be promised one too.

The best mattresses are vacuum packed. This means there is no human contact when they are packed and delivered at your doorstep. What’s even better is the easy handling of a humongous product such as a mattress, thanks to the innovative technology of vacuum packing. It brings hygiene and comfort together for you….in a box!

3. The products are designed scientifically

When you sit back to buy mattress online India, you will notice how most of the modern mattresses are designed scientifically by experts in the industry. Memory foam mattress, popularly called the next-gen foam is widely used in mattresses for its high comfort and quality quotient.

Not just this, they are infused with cooling gel that prevents the mattresses from getting too hot during night. Since they are scientifically designed, they are meant to offer best back support for natural spine alignment.

4. They are available in some amazing combos

We are still not over! You can take advantage of some of the most amazing deals and combos when you choose to gift a mattress remotely to your loved ones. Choose a mattress with pillows or a mattress with a mattress topper or even better—an all in one combo for those extra special ones in your life. 

With too many reasons riding high, there should be no stopping you from buying just the most comfortable mattress for Diwali Gifts for someone you care. And getting it delivered remotely too… After all, Diwali is all about showing how much you care!