Everything that you need to know about memory foam mattress

Everything that you need to know about memory foam mattress
memory foam mattress

Originally designed by NASA, memory foam mattresses have become a household name and make their way into almost the majority of bedrooms. People swear by their durability and longevity.  

But, there are still many questions and queries that may haunt you the moment you think of buying a memory foam mattress. As it’s not as cheap as chips, you must be paid due diligence and find out the answers to all those queries. With the help of our experts, we have tried to solve some of the major concerns on the memory foam mattress. Read the whole article and gain better clarity. 

How long does Memory Foam Mattress last?

There is no second opinion that memory form matter has better longevity and durability. All thanks go to its inventive structure and material quality. But, no matter how high durability it has, it’s going to stay with you forever. It does have a lifespan. And everyone wants to know what it is. 

 In general, the average life span of a memory foam mattress is 6-8 years. However, it is subjective to various factors like the quality of the material and how you have cared for the mattress.

For instance, memory foam mattresses from Nubliss meet all the industry’s quality standards and are made-up of CertiPUR-US® certified memory foam. This type of memory foam mattress has been tested for quality, durability, performance, and emission. This is why the average life span of Nubliss memory foam mattresses is 8-10 years. 

One key factor that decides the durability of memory foam mattresses is the density of the mattress. The higher would be the density, the better would be the density as there will be morecells to conform to and support the sleeper’s weight. The ideal range of density is between 4.0-5.3 lbs. The mattresses that fall in the range of this category are likely to have 8-10 years of longevity. With regular maintenance and some of the expert ways, you can easily extend its lifespan. 

Which is better – Memory Foam or Gel Foam?

Memory foam or gel foam memory mattresses are two sides of one coin. They both are similar yet very different from each other. If you’re stuck between these two and having a hard time picking one then here are some similarities and differences that you should consider to conclude. 

The similarities 

  • They both are made from same base material- polyurethane foam
  • Both are good at preventing motion transfer, endow you better sleep experience, and provide enough support during sleep. 

The differences

The key difference between these two types is heat retention. The traditional memory foam mattress is known to trap body heat while a gel foam mattress is likely to reduce mattress’s heat dispersion ability and makes it a cooler sleeping surface. 

Which is a better choice? 

Obviously, a gel memory foam mattress is a better choice to make over the traditional memory foam mattress. Some of the manufacturers have managed to keep the body temperature 4°C cooler by using their inventive cooling gel-infused technology. 

Which Memory Foam Mattress to Buy?

It is crystal clear that memory foam mattress is indeed the right choice to make when you are looking for a durable mattress option. But, not every memory foam mattress meets the international standards of quality. There are many brands out there that are far below the standards and investing in them means dumping your money in the bin. 

Memory foam mattresses from the house of Nubliss meet every quality standard such as: 

  • They are CertiPUR-US® certified
  • They are made from high-performance PU foam for reversed comfort
  • Their 5-layer comfort design has been invented by the European experts 
  • They are infused with highly advanced cooling gel technology that can lower down your body temperature by 4°C

Also, Nubliss offers 101 days hassle-free return and 10 years warranty in each purchase so that you get most of your investment. Starting from the manufacturing technique of the structure, everything has been researched thoroughly and tested twice.  

Not every manufacture offers such a kind of quality in its service. Only the professionals like Nubliss have ability to accomplish it. Hence, we can easily say that memory foam mattresses from Nubliss is what you should buy without giving a second thought. 

Can you extend the lifespan of your memory foam mattresses? 

Let’s admit it. The memory foam mattress is not a pocket-friendly deal that you can make just like that. While cracking the deal is worth as memory foam mattress offers you better sleep quality and brings relief from chronic back pain, you must find out ways to increase the lifespan of your memory foam mattress.

Here are some of the tips that can help you increase the life span of memory foam mattresses. 

  • A mattress cover is a real lifesaver here as it prevents the mattress from getting unwanted exposure to the spills and dust. By preventing these and many other things from entering into your mattresses, a mattress cover increases the life span of your mattress. 
  • Try avoiding eating food or drinking over your bed. Liquids and solvents are likely to reduce the performance of your mattress and can lead to odors and mildew when spilled over the mattresses.
  • Rotating the mattress once in 6 months or a year ensures even distribution of the wear and tear. Also, it prevents depression on one side of the mattress.  

How safe is to buy memory foam mattress online? 

Well, this one is a highly debatable question. And our take on this question is that online buying of memory foam mattresses is absolutely safe and secure if you’re choosing a reliable platform for this. Nubliss offers a very safe and secure online memory foam mattress buying assistance. 

They offer every resource that you need to have a hassle-free and easy online shopping experience. For instance, they have a detailed buying guide. 

Every product is vacuumed packed and meets every standard to ensure the safe and intact delivery of the product. Though the delivery and product quality can’t be questioned, they offer a 101-days free trial facility as well. 

This is a very huge benefit that Nubliss offers to its customers. Within 101-days, if at all you feel the need to exchange or return the product, it would be done with zero hassle. They have online chat support to guide you all through the purchase process. So, you can easily make an online purchase of a quality memory foam mattress

In conclusion

If comfortable sleeping experience and better body support are what are you hunting, memory foam mattresses with cooling gel from Nubliss are going to help you a lot.  They met every quality standard and help you enjoy a better experience at every front. They are so committed to delivering quality service that they go extra miles and offer 101 days free trial.