5 Tips to Reduce Dependency on Coffee for a Power Wake-up

Always thought that feeling groggy and dazed is a part of the wake-up ritual? Think again!

Insufficient sleep plunges your body into the depths of misery. An active day instantly turns into a dreadfully dragged marathon of hours moving at snail’s pace. To save the day, we generally drown our senses in the universally accepted drug- caffeine. May it be strong or diluted, every sip of coffee is a sin committed towards your body. If you don’t believe us, please try to give up on the same for just ONE day and observe your body giving you constant reminders.

Why should a person AVOID coffee?

While the strong aroma attracts one’s senses but Caffeine is the real culprit that keeps your senses active when you don’t want. It stays in the system for hours, after vitalising your senses on a zoned-out morning. Not only this, some of the major studies have clearly indicated caffeine consumption as the main reason for anxiety, chronic dehydration, headache, fatigue, irritability, heart arrhythmia, nervousness, rapid heartbeat, and much more.

Renouncing morning dose of caffeine will feel and sound like getting your head squashed under elephant’s feet but it will be for your own good. Here are some ways in which you can invigorate your drab mornings:

1. Stretching Works the Best

Jolt your body upright with the help of the greatest gift that India presented to this world in chaos- Yoga. Start the day by letting the energy flow through your body with the help of some simple stretching followed by an intense session of yoga. This helps in boosting your energy levels as well as relieves stress for improved sleep quality. Try out asanas such as Sun Salutation or Virabhadrasana to push your nervous system.

If you are not in a mood for a yoga session, you can always stretch your body while lying down on Nubliss mattress. Simple stretches on the mattress will help in making sure that your blood is pumping through every part without any restrictions.

2. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Ever tried a tall glass of water to get over the dizzy feeling? Drinking water can help you wake up in a better manner. Try squeezing a lemon with a few drops of lemon to your glass, if plain water is not you.

3. Head Out

Soothing morning breeze and exercise go hand-in-hand when it comes to waking up. Take out your running shoes and head out for a run or a jog. This activity helps in de-stressing and improves mood while keeping you alert all day long.

4. Let Beats be Your Guide

Give the peppy music a chance to shake things up on a lazy morning. Listen to a track that helps in motivating your senses. Swing a little or stretch your body while listening to the music. Before going to bed, create a playlist on your device and attach the device to a good set of speakers for a proper effect. You can also get up and bounce on the Nubliss memory foam mattress, if you don’t wish to get off the bed.

5. Fruit up Your Morning

A bite of energy-filled fruits such as apple, banana, and orange can jolt your system. These fruits are high on good nutrients that fuel your system for a hectic day ahead.

With easy-peasy tips in place, your body will slowly start to get over the caffeine addiction.