3 Signs You Need a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

In 1966, under a contract by NASA’s Ames Research Center, memory foam was developed to improve aircraft cushions in terms of safety. The ‘slow spring back foam’ was manufactured by infusing gas into a polymer matrix. This helped in creating a foam that has an open-cell solid structure that matches pressure against it.

The breakthrough in foam opened doors for mattress industry to widen the scope. One feature that took the mattress industry by storm is the ability of the foam to cradle to your body’s shape. This feature helps in offering maximum amount of support to one’s body. But the question is why memory foam is the one for you?

To understand why you need a memory foam mattress, please go through following points:

1. Aches and Pains

Is every morning a painful experience, all thanks to back pain or aching joints? If this is the case, then your existing mattress is not in sync with your bodies requirements. Many a times, this happens due to the age of mattress. After a mattress crosses 8-10 years of life span, it loses its integrity. But if your new mattress is making it difficult for you to fall asleep and you still awaken to aches and pain, then it is very likely that you urgently need to replace your mattress.

2. Allergies

Do allergies keep you awake at night? Do you generally end up sneezing or dealing with related symptoms. If this this the case, then your beloved mattress is the culprit. Most of the mattress harbour variable quantities of allergens and dust mites that are can become the primary reason for sleepless nights. The best way to get over the allergies is by opting for a memory foam mattress that is constructed using material highly resistant to most allergens.

3. General Discomfort

Sometimes you don’t need a major reason to change your mattress. Many a times, heating up while sleeping or general discomfort during the sleep can be some of the ignored reasons. Feeling hot while sleeping is one of the major reasons that you tend to wake up during wee hours. These reasons are ignored for a long time and tend to slowly become the primary reasons for discomfort.

As a leading sleep tech brand, we understand that how important is rejuvenation of body every night. Our mattress is designed to give you body a way to revive, no matter how much time you spend on it. We have designed the mattress using the best of memory foams to minimise aches and pains, allergies, and general discomfort.