Is Sleeping Position Really Important?

Sleep Positions

“Sleep is the best meditation!”

True, but not everyone is blessed to reach Nirvana through sleep. More than 60% of Indians are not even able to clock in 6 hours of sound sleep. The tiresome, monotonous routine drives a sane man insane under pressure. This is why no matter how many hours you sleep, you should be able to wake up fresh. But how does sleep position comes in the picture? The way you sleep has a great impact on your health and body. According to sleep experts, there are only three possible sleep positions- Side, Back, and Stomach. Experts suggest sleeping on your side as it is beneficial in relieving chronic sleep deprivation and insomnia. If you suffer back pain, then it is advised to keep a pillow between knees to reduce pressure on hips and lower back.

Some sleeping positions to improve your health and life are as follows:

Different type of sleep position

Foetus Position:

The most common sleeping position in which a person sleeps on a side with bent knees. It is ideal for proper blood circulation throughout the body and helps in curbing snores. Sometimes, this position can restrict breathing and increase pressure on joints. For people suffering from arthritis or back pain, it is advised to try and straighten your body as much as possible. You will not be able to believe but atleast 41% of the people prefer this position.

Log Position:

As the name suggests, it is a position in which a person sleeps with arms locked on the side and legs straightened. According to a research, 15% of the people in world sleep in this position. This position is mostly preferred by heavy sleepers. People who sleep in the position are less likely to suffer from acid reflux and snore. The only down side is increase in wrinkles on the face as half of your face is pushed on a pillow.

Yearner Position:

With arms out in the front, the yearner position ranks third on the list of most preferred positions to sleep. In this position, the sleeper is on the side with arms stretched out in the front and back & legs straight. This position mainly leads to pressure build-up on the shoulders and hip area and poor circulation of blood. The ideal way to combat issues related to this position is by introducing a secondary pillow. Either place it between the arms or between arms & knees for a better support.

Soldier Position:

People who pay a lot of attention to fine details prefer to sleep in an attentive position. This sleep position is a bit different from the log sleeping position. You lie on your back while your hands are close to the body. In this position, a sleeper may suffer from higher chances of snoring.

Freefall Position:

Imagine falling from a great height and landing face first. This is what freefall sleeping position looks like. In this position, your stomach touches the sleep surface, hands wrapped around the pillow, and head on the side. Your digestion will improve by many folds but strain will build up on the neck.

Starfish Position:

Just like a starfish, the person stretches out in all directions while sleeping. Arms rest near the head while the person lies on the back. All thanks to minimal contact with the pillow, your skin will remain wrinkle and breakout free. People who sleep in this position are more likely to snore and suffer from acid reflux issues.

Believe it or not, but your health revolves around your sleep routine. So ensure that you are sleeping a position that is beneficial in many ways. Not only this, the sleep surface also plays a vital role in ensuring sound sleep. Push your sleep routine to a new notch by introducing a mattress that is capable of creating pressure on required areas. With Nubliss mattress in place, you will feel the bliss change that your body yearned for years. Dense memory foam and cooling gel technology will keep your body in the state of calmness.

Sleep like a king and wake up like a prince!