Can’t Sleep? Switch to a Memory Foam Mattress!

Switch to Memory Foam

“Tossing in bed is like watching a French movie without the comfort of subtitles. Your brain wishes to switch off but your body is not at comfort”

Sleep is like a treasure that we wish to cherish all life-long. But when we end up tossing or fidgeting with the phone all night long, things get pretty ugly the next day. Crankiness sinks in and our lazy switch trips down a lot many times than allowed. For a blissful sleep, drink a glass of warm milk and change your mattress. Yes, you read it right. It is scientifically proven that a good mattress leads to a better morning. A mattress that relaxes your body by creating required pressure on stressed-out muscles helps in rejuvenating your vital senses.

This is where a memory foam mattress comes into the picture and takes away the award for one of the finest pieces when seeking comfort. It is a complete package when it comes to offering comfort as well as health benefits. The beauty of the mattress lies trapped in a dense core foam that creates pressure on required places in a body. With a perforated surface, the mattress is efficiently capable of circulating body heat.

Some reasons to consider a memory foam mattress over an ordinary mattress are as follows:

1. Creates Pressure Points

Memory foam is like a relaxing cocoon for aching muscles. It takes shape of your body while creating required pressure on shoulders and hip areas. This pressure relaxes the muscles and ensures proper flow of blood throughout the body. Not only this, the pressure created by memory foam helps in relieving stress on muscles due to a bone injury.

2. Circulation of Air

Do you know why you end up all sweaty every morning? All thanks to a poorly designed mattress that doesn’t allow circulation of body heat while sleeping. Not only this, it also adds on to the stress endured by your body. To combat this issue, years of research has enabled leading brands to custom pour the memory foam in a manner that it has a perforated body. This arms a memory foam mattress with the best-in-line mechanism to ensure that your body heat dissipates and air circulates around your body.

3. Zero Motion Transfer

If your partner sleeps fitfully, then don’t blame him or her. Blame your mattress that is not able to eliminate the transfer of motion. With a memory foam mattress in place, you can bid adieu to waking up with a sudden movement of your partner. It lets you sleep like a baby while your partner jumps or dances on his/her side. The core of a memory foam is so dense that it quickly absorbs energy build up due to a movement.

4. Orthopedic

If ‘I Wish To Sleep More!’ is becoming your opening line every morning, then you really need to take a closer look at the sleep situation. Many mattresses lack proper support for your spine and bone structure. This leads to long-term health issues, down the line. When it comes to a memory foam mattress, you can be rest assured as it helps to keep your body in a natural state. It offers best orthopaedic support and makes issues like deep-tissue pain or uneasy bones a thing of past.

5. Hypoallergenic

Fumes and residues from run-of-the-mill foams can trigger an allergic reaction in people who are hypersensitive to such things. To tackle this issue, the memory foam is manufactured using material that has next to negligible fume emissions.

6. Featherlight

If there is one thing that you can literally move without stressing your entire body is a memory foam mattress. It is so light in weight that you might consider a feather much heavier in contrast. The perforated construction and material used in manufacturing make a memory foam mattress super light.

7. Recyclable

For a healthy sleep routine and life-long comfort, always replace your mattress every 8-10 years. At the end of the use cycle, a memory foam mattress can be recycled or disposed of. The material is made of biodegradable polymers that easily break down with the passage of time.

Considering all above-mentioned point, it can be easily concluded that a memory foam mattress is an all-rounder in terms of comfort, health benefits, and much more. Now wake up fresh and smiling every morning. Bon voyage to the dreamland!