How To Deal With Break Up With Your Bed?

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Morning Blues are the Worst!


Waking up early seems a struggle since forever. Especially during winters, it seems like no matter how hard
you try your bed pulls you back with all the warmth and comfort. But HELLO!! By the time you make up
your mind to finally let it go, you are already late for your work.

Do you associate yourself with the following traits?

Weekdays are harder to deal with!

The very thought of going to work, school or university makes you want to borrow some more time to
spend with your bed. Work stress just doesn’t seem to leave.

You hate Mondays

It is understandable! You party hard during the weekends and this makes waking up early harder on a
Mondays. But reality bites real hard and you drag yourself forcefully out of the comforting arms of your
memory foam mattress. Make yourself a cup of coffee to escape the blues.

Keep snoozing Alarm

The morning alarm on weekdays can’t be more annoying! You set at least 5-6 alarms daily, confidently
predicting the situation every following morning, don’t you?

Having considered every day’s affair, what you don’t realize is that your rush-mode, that is on
throughout the day, makes you more tired. You should sleep early to wake up early! Trust or not there can
be mighty benefits if you do so. If nothing can get you over the sad parting from the bed every morning,
console the mind by believing upon the following benefits:

  • You’ll feel fresh and energized throughout the day
  • You’ll be able to put your 100% at work
  • There’ll be no rush. You can also finish your morning work-outs
  • You’ll be happier and more contended

A good night’s sleep always precedes waking up early. Having a good sleep helps you release stress faster,
wake up faster and be energetic throughout the day. Good sleep reduces sleep apnoea, insomnia and
mood swings.

Did you know that your mattress might be one of the reasons why you always feel that you are not getting
enough sleep? In that case, let Nubliss be your doctor. Nubliss Memory Foam mattress has been
engineered to understand and balance the functions of the body as much as science allows. Don’t wait, go
online, go Nubliss, wake up early and smile for a long while.