Ways to have a warm bedroom in those chilling winter nights

how to keep your bedroom warm in chilling winter nights

Winter is here, chilling your nose, and freezing your toes. Though winter has its charm, it gives you a hard time during the night as this is when the temperature drops at the lowest level of mercury. Nighttime in winter is extra nippy and frosty.

This may lead to trouble sleeping.

Before you despair for this, read some of our tips and tricks that will help you have a cozier, warmer, and comfortable bedroom in those freezing winter nights:

  • Get the right mattress

You may feel wondered, but the type of mattress you own can indeed make a huge difference in your life. There are certain types of mattresses that help you keep extra warm during chilling winter nights. For example, memory foam mattresses are known worldwide for their unique temperature-sensitivity. They retain the body’s heat and help you keep warm in those sub-zero nights.

  • Extra layering always works

A recent study done by the UK sleep council has revealed that nearly half of the population lacks sleep or trouble falling asleep in winters during the early morning hours. The temperature in winters is at its lowest just before the dawn. So, you may find bedding warm enough when you retire to bed around 10 pm, you’re going to feel cold before the dawn. So, make sure you always have extra layers besides you.

  • Add some texture

We know that you love your wooden or tile floor. But, in winter, you’re going to hate them as they will be as chilled as glacier ice. So, using some textured rugs works wonder. Wool and thick cotton are the ideal fabric for this purpose.

  • Use dark-colored, thick curtains

Using dark and thick curtains on the bedroom’s windows works wonder. This may seem a mere change, but it helps you prevent losing the warmth that you have created inside your bedroom. For better insulation, you can use plastic sheets on windows as well.

  • Not to forget a room heater

Well, you’re not going to get succeed in your attempt to have a warm and cozy bedroom in winters without a room heater or radiator. It helps you keep the room warm and maintain an ideal temperature. However, if you’re using space heaters, make sure you’re not keeping it on the whole night. On it, before you go to bed and retain the heat by closing all the windows and gates. We hope these tips will help you have a pleasant sleep in your warm bedroom even if it’s snowing outside.

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