Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Mattress

Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Mattress

Some reasons for buying a new mattress:

  • Old one is falling apart
  • You wake up with aching muscles
  • Uncomfortable while sleeping
  • Heats up during night

or you just wish to wake up fresh!

Whatever may be the reason for starting the hunt for a new mattress, it is not an everyday affair. (Thank your stars as buying a mattress can be a chaotic affair). Buying a mattress involves a lot of thinking as you need to:

  • prepare your mind and body for a new experience
  • prepare your pocket for a dent
  • accept the fact that you need to get rid of the old one
  • face the hassle of researching about options available
  • listen to a well-crafted sales pitch at every store

According to a consumer survey, there are 20% chances that you will end up with a wrong mattress. This is why we wish to help you make an informed decision by pointing out some common mistakes made while buying a mattress. Top mistakes committed while making a purchase are as follows:

1. Not Knowing Your Sleep Position

The first thing that you should be well aware about is your sleep position- side, stomach, or back. In case of a side sleeper, you should ensure that the considered mattress has a good support system for your body. The confusion arises when you have two sleep positions. In such a scenario, consider the position in which you generally wake up.

Pro Tip: A memory foam mattress is a recommended choice for all types of sleepers. The foam takes the shape of your body while relieving the pressure points. Not only this, it also ensures proper blood flow throughout the body.

2. Relying on an In-store Experience

The classic way of buying a mattress is going to the nearest store, trying every mattress for 5 minutes each, listening to the sales pitch, and opening your wallet wide. This is the WORST thing one can do to his or her pocket and body.

Buying a mattress is lot like buying shoes- Look, Feel, and Test. If you cannot buy shoes without wearing them, then how can you buy a mattress? You cannot put your body through ten years of torture without even sleeping on it.

Pro Tip: You always have the option to opt for a Nubliss Mattress that comes with a Risk-free 101 Days Free Trial. And yes, the return is free with 100% Money Back Guarantee.

3. Not Checking the Return Policy

No one likes the word "Return" in the retail industry. They make it impossible for you to return a product after purchase. Even if the return is accepted, you are charged a certain amount in the name of return fee.

After selecting a mattress, stress on the points related to ‘return’. Make sure that you can return the mattress without any hassle.

Pro Tip: Nubliss Mattress offers "No-questions-asked" Return. This provides the user with the freedom to return the mattress without thinking twice. Plus, the return policy includes 100% Money Back Guarantee.

4. Not Searching Online for a Mattress

Mattress buying is not a regular activity, so most of us generally miss out on the online options. We head to the local store, select the one recommended by the commission-based sales representative, and make the payment. Plus, the amount of investment makes us opt for the "try-at-store" option.

As the market is rapidly advancing and everything is getting delivered at your doorstep, you can now also buy mattresses online. You can conveniently buy the mattress online using any mode of payment and get a doorstep delivery in any part of the country. Then why waste time visiting a store and take an uninformed decision on the recommendation of a person who doesn´t understand your requirement? Next time, make sure to look for options online when considering a mattress.

Pro Tip: You can always buy Nubliss mattress online by logging on www.nubliss.com. We offer multiple payment option as well as doorstep delivery.

After reading this blog we hope that you will make an informed decision by researching and trying the mattress and consider all available options.