Importance of Social Distancing and Quarantine to prevent COVID 19’s spread

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You are probably reading this while in Quarantine, practicing social distancing as an important health intrusion. And that is probably the most intelligent thing to do at the moment considering a study that states that around 25% of the Corona Virus transmissions might have occurred during the pre-symptomatic stages. This means that the virus was mostly spread by the individuals who were unaware of the fact that they were carrying the virus.

But what makes us believe that doing so can prevent the spread of COVID 19?

Before we come to that, for those who are still new to these terms…

What is Social Distancing?

Social distancing refers to the idea of maintaining the physical distance between two individuals with the motive of eliminating the possibility of transmission of the virus. Maintaining a safe distance of six feet from other people reduces one’s chances of getting affected by the rampant Corona Virus.

 Some of the popular ways of enforcing social distancing are:

  • Working from home and avoiding office spaces
  • Switching to online classes in place of regular schools
  • Sit down on your comfortable mattress, sip coffee and watch television, maybe?!
  • Using electronic devices to be in touch with your loved ones instead of meeting them physically
  • Cancelling any kind of large gatherings

What is Quarantine?

Quarantine involves limiting the movement of people and commodities with the sole purpose of limiting the transmission of virus of communicable diseases. It helps in restricting the movement of those who might be affected by the virus but are unaware of the same.

Importance of Social Distancing and Quarantine to prevent COVID 19’s spread

Coming back to the association between social distancing and prevention of the COVID 19 spread, there have been several research and studies that suggest that the outbreak converted into a pandemic in no time due to the free movement of the people who were unaware of the fact that they were carrying the virus. They moved about freely, making frequent social contacts that made the situation worse.

A statistics published in the journal Eurosurveillance suggests a similar fact. It states that most of the individuals who had boarded the Diamond Princess Cruise ship and tested positive for COVID 19 in the month of February were completely asymptomatic (had limited to no symptoms at all). It is believed that about 17.9% of the cases might have been asymptomatic. For this reason, the disease turned into an outbreak on the vessel and a significant number of passengers were affected.

As a preventive measure, the concerned authorities thus decided to keep the ship in quarantine for 14 days. However, the extent to which the asymptomatic people contribute to the spread of the virus is still not clear but there are clear evidences that they definitely pass on the virus unknowingly.

This is one of the major reasons why health authorities believe that practicing social distancing will significantly trim down the spread of the fatal virus. And subsequently, weigh down the stress on the health care department as well. We guess – you should listen to experts and sit at your home for a while. That will be the wisest thing to right now.

Conclusion Social distancing for prevention of the disease and quarantine for preventing community spread of the disease – both are essential for the world at present. Till the time the healthcare industry comes up with the perfect antidote for COVID19, it is the only measure that will keep us, our community, family, and world safe. So, follow what the government suggests and stay healthy.