7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

7 Surprising Ways Your Mattress Affects Your Sleep and Health

Feeling tired every morning?
Experiencing early morning muscle aches?
Feel like going back to sleep as soon as you wake up?

If all these concerns have started popping up, then it is the right time to consider the replacement of your mattress. Besides the age of the mattress, there are multiple reasons dominate the fact that you need to invest in a new one. We understand that replacing a mattress is not a piece of cake. This is why, we are here to help you understand why you really need to take a step.

Following are the key reasons:

1. Back Pain

Feel stinging pain in your lower back soon after you wake up? Then it is time to blame your old, raggedy mattress that is affecting your back. Lower back pain can make day-to-day activities a task, if not treated on time. The best way to go ahead is to change your mattress as soon as possible.

2. Neck Aches

Something that can really make your whole day stand still is pain in the neck and shoulder. There are many reasons for the same but the major reason is the condition of your mattress. Old mattresses tend to lose the shape as well as sometimes develop major depression. Before the issue becomes a serious health problem, consider changing your mattress.

3. Body Transformation

As the age advances, our body changes shape. The comfort requirement changes with every passing year. It is necessary to understand what your body is really looking for in terms of comfort. To make things less frustrating for your aging body, get hold off a mattress that is high on durability. Not just this, when you gain or lose weight or get pregnant, the mattress is the first thing that also goes through the changes in your body. We recommend replacing your mattress within 10-15 years.

4. Stiffness

If your body feels stiff after you wake up, this indicates that your mattress is not able to support your body in a proper manner. There are chances that parts of your mattress might be wrecked with use. This calls for immediate investment in a durable mattress with a firm base and a layer of memory form to comfort your stressed out muscles.

5. Comfort Level

Most essential part of the sleep routine is the end result- you should wake up fresh and energetic. If you are not able to wake up all charged up, then you need to consider buying a new mattress as soon as possible. It also helps in lowering the stress levels as well as create a positive impact on your body.

6. Lifestyle

Not everybody leads a same lifestyle. Some tend to be active and some tend to sleep more than usual. Some people need to work late nights and some people need to work from home a lot. If lifestyle is different, then why stick with one kind of a mattress? Look for a mattress that can comfort your body as soon as you lay down.

7. Condition

If you feel the springs or depression while sleeping, then you are in dire need of a new mattress. Also, if you feel that the sides of the mattress are standing out from the structure or the mattress has started stinking, then it is a clear sign that you need to consider a new mattress.

In general, all the points listed above are ignored by people and as a result, suffer from health issues. We would recommend that you consider every point before replacing your old mattress.