Tips on How to Reset Your Body Clock to Wake Up Early

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Waking up early has always been a huge task for most of us. Staying up late, chatting with friends or watching some Netflix series works rather good. And naturally, we fail to wake up early, no matter how much we want that to happen. At some point in our lives, gathering all the will powers, we all have tried to be an early riser, but have certainly failed to continue with the routine in a few days time. Here are some tricks to reset your body with the early wake-up routine for all the sleepy heads out there.

Sleeping Early

Most of us find it difficult the first day when we forcefully drag ourselves out of bed early in the morning and end up feeling drowsy and sleepy the entire day. It’s only wise to hit the bed early so that you can complete your 8 hours sleeping quota and wake up early the next morning too. Watching series or conversations over social media must be done in your leisure time and not while on a bed, after switching the lights off. This way you can fall asleep faster and manage to wake up early as well.

Setting a Task

As soon as we wake up, our minds tend to get lazy. Keeping some task to be completed after waking up in the morning is a good idea. A few habits like reading the newspaper can help get you out of the sleepy feel. Also, making your morning tea or coffee yourself, instead of depending on anyone else in the house, can also get you involved in some sort activity and can stop your lazy body and soul from going back to bed again.

Exercise Daily

It’s not necessary to hit the gym every day; instead, we can just get into some walking and running every morning. Put on those track pants, best suited for your workout sessions, and get going. How about turning on to your favorite FM station or some religious tracks? Trust Lord, the drowsiness is going to vanish within a blink of an eye and you’ll feel all geared up for the long day ahead.

Eat Proper

Give your body just the right nutrition, it deserves. Always cut down on heavy food at night as it reduces the chance of giving your body proper relaxation during sleep. A restless night is sure to impact the morning.