Get Fit To Survive Winter Wake Ups

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“October, November, cool, coool, cooooool, March, April.”

As winter approaches our body and mind tend to feel a lot less active as compared to the summer days. Be it morning or evening, the grumpy weather makes us less cheerful and lazy throughout the day. Waking up early during winter months is a big NO for many. Even the otherwise early risers tend to remain on the bed for long. Here are some tricks to stay fit during winter and survive the wake ups.

Go to Sleep Early

We often take our weekends for granted. We stay up till late and fail to wake up early, the next morning. If you sleep late or have a disturbed night, you will have more trouble waking up early, during winters. Consider using a memory foam mattress that helps achieve a peaceful sleep. This, in turn, relaxes your body and mind to wake up fresh the next morning and feel fit all day long. Early wake-ups can keep you energized for the long day ahead.

Drink Water Before Sleep

It’s a trick to sip on some water before you hit the bed. This will wake you up from deep sleep pretty early, and once you’re up don’t go back to sleep again. Instead, drink some more water and get ready for the day.

Use a Coffee Maker

The aroma of coffee early morning works better than that annoying alarm. Get yourself a programmable coffee maker and set the timer as per your morning wake-up schedule. Keep it somewhere near to your bed. Gulp down a sip while couched on your memory foam mattress and start your day without feeling to go back to sleep.

Morning Gym

You might just end up snoozing that alarm over and over again unless there’s a good reason that can drag you out of your blanket. Try gymming in the morning! It won’t just add to your fitness, but can also warm you up to survive the chill, every winter morning. If you aren’t into gym much, you might indulge yourself in some exercises, a morning walk or jogging.

Nubliss mattresses are the best of the lot to offer the most relaxing sleep during the winters. Wipe your stress away as you surrender yourself to the comfort of a memory foam mattress and a cozy blanket on the chilly winter nights, only to get a sound sleep and mornings as refreshing as never before.