12 Shows to Binge-Watch This Winter


December has begun, ‘winter is coming’ for us. Nothing gives us more joy than spending cozy time on the bed in winter, especially if you are binge-watching your favorite shows half under the blanket, conditions applied. The conditions are- i) the bed should be cozy and ii) the shows should be good.

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Here are 12 shows that you could enjoy watching on your cozy bed this winter:

1. The Last Kingdom:

The Last Kingdom

Set on the 9th century England, the story revolves around a kidnapped boy, who was raised as a Viking. If you’re not a fan of violence, avoid watching, as there are war scenes.

2. This is Us:

this is us

This show revolves around the Pearson family and depicts how our lives are well-knit with that of others. The best part of the show is that everyone can relate to it.

3. Mirzapur:


This is a dark story revolving around two brothers, Guddu and Bablu, chasing power. It’s a brand new show, streaming since this November.

4. House of Cards:

House of cards

This show, streaming on Netflix, is an American political thriller depicting the horror of the real world.

5. Dead Set:

dead set

Created by Charlie Brooker, this show streaming on Netflix is similar to the Black Mirror. This is anything but cliché or boring!

6. Hannibal:


As the name suggests, the series is based on Hannibal Lecter. So if you’re a fan of psycho-thriller, this is a must watch!

7. Dexter:


It’s a police department based TV series, revolving around the character officer Dexter. Find out for yourself why we have kept it on the list.

8. Chef’s Table:

Chef's Table

This show will give you hunger pangs, as each episode will present you with mouth-watering dishes, only served digitally!

9. Star Trek: Discovery:


It’s an awesome series based on the original series of Star Trek. All fans of Star Trek were highly satisfied.

10. Stranger Things:

Stranger Things

From the 80s or not, you will love this series, a science-fiction horror, especially if you like Stephen King.

11. Game of Thrones:

game of thrones

Needless to convince, given the popularity of the show, you cannot miss it. You need to recollect everything before the final season starts streaming next year.

12. F.R.I.E.N.D.S:


Last but not the least it’s a show that never grows old. Could you get enough of friends? Read it like Chandler would have said it, didn’t you?

Hope you’ve liked our picks. Nubliss wishes you a happy winter!