10 Effective Ways to Bore Yourself to Sleep.

How to fall Asleep

Sleep is essential but when it becomes impossible to snooze, the life comes to a complete stop. Every second becomes difficult as your body is tired but your brain is not ready to take a break. Here are some tricks to make you fall asleep in a few minutes. Please keep in mind, you cannot touch any kind of gadget while trying out following tricks:

1. Observe Paint Dry

It is not possible on a daily basis to watch paint dry on a wall. But you can always start a new project in the form of an oil painting or retouching pottery with a new coat of paint. Apply one coat every night before going to bed and watch it dry.

2. Go through the Dictionary

Nothing works like going through words that your brain is not able to connect with. It puts the brain in a fix as it becomes really hard to register anything new during the wee hours. So, don’t skip a single word.

3. Try Your Hands on a New Language

Another way of putting yourself to sleep within minutes is to try and learn a new language. This helps in creating pressure on the brain to take a break and slowly slip into sleep. Start with the one that you consider the toughest. Purchase E-books or audio books online to listen on the nights when sleep is at bay.

4. File for Your Taxes

It is never a bad idea to calculate or file taxes manually. On one hand, it will make your brain punch the snooze button ASAP and on the other hand, it will open your eyes to your financials. Try this trick for any reason, the ultimate goal is to sleep faster.

5. Get in Touch with Your Roots

Call up your grandparents as soon as you feel that you have an early meeting the next day. Listening to stories about the simple times will really act like a tranquillizer for your brain. It will not only relax your brain as well as present old fellas with happiness & belonging they crave. Win-win situation!

6. Solve a Trigonometry Problem

If Sin-Cos-Tan didn’t make your eyes watery and head heavy during school days, then this trick is not for you. If you hated trigonometry, then take out your notebook and try to solve the following:

If x+y+z=π prove the trigonometric identity:

7. Organize Your Stuff

One of the best ways to put your system on a sleep mode is by organising your papers or wardrobe. But what makes it more tiring is if you create mental hurdles during wee hours. Try to organise your important stuff into 3 files or your clothes in three piles.

8. Play Some Sounds

Sounds and sleep go hand in hand. It takes your brain some time to train itself to get accustomed to sounds of your house, surroundings, and more. But if you have recently shifted to a new place, then it can be a challenge to get accustomed. The best way to tackle such a situation is by playing the sounds of crickets, waves crashing, or elevator music.

9. Tune into a Regional Channel

If nothing works, try to watch a regional channel that covers irrigation practices or agricultural hacks. This will really help the brain to calm down and drift into sleep.

10. Go Through Your Notes

Nothing sounds more boring than going through the notes taken down during a boring meeting. These notes act like sleeping pills written in ink on a piece of paper. All you need to do is read and you are all set to drift off in deep slumber.

Bonus Tip

Stare Out the Window

Observing the surroundings and letting nature always helps in soothing the senses. Take out some time to stare out of the window while lying down on the bed. This will calm down your senses as well as help you ease into slumber.

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